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stand up




  1. to rise to a standing position

  2. to remain strong against attack

  3. to defend




  1. ethical, honest, or moral

Who We Are


We are coaches, educators, and former mockers with a passion for teaching, a love of mock trial competition, and a history of excellence in both.  Our lead instructor is the former president of the American Mock Trial Association and the youngest member of the national mock trial Coaches Hall of Fame.  All of our instructors have coached or competed for top ten national teams.


What We Do


We help teams learn, and we help teams win.  We run training academies, host tournaments, and provide private consulting.  We teach new teams the basics, and we teach champions how to become even better.  We work primarily with high school teams and coaches.


Why We Do It


Two reasons:  


First, we believe mock trial is the single most rewarding activity a high school student can join.  It teaches you to communicate and persuade.  It teaches you how to think critically -- like a lawyer -- about complex issues that always have at least two sides.  It teaches you the necessity of preparation -- and the ability to think on your feet.  It teaches teamwork and leadership.  It teaches the importance of humility and grace. 


Second, mock trial is a lot of fun!


Why "Stand Up"


Mock trial is all about standing up.  When the judge walks into the room, you stand up.  When you are a witness called to testify, you stand up.  When you are a lawyer giving the closing argument, you stand up.  And hopefully after they announce "the winner is...", you stand up!


But it's more than that.  Trial advocacy is about standing up for others.  Mock trial teaches students to stand up and be heard.  A stand up person is someone who tries to do the right thing.  We help students find their voice and gain the tools to improve their lives and others' lives.  

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