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What do 15 of the last 16 California

State champion schools have in common?



They attended this training course.

Pick a Saturday or Sunday, and we will present the Academy on your campus, just to your team.  We will tailor the curriculum to your team's strengths, weaknesses, and level of experience.  We have materials specific to everyone from brand new teams to state champions.


Email to bring the Academy to you


What is the Academy?


The Academy is a training course in trial advocacy. It covers every core mock trial skill: public speaking, direct examination, cross-exam, witness performance, opening statement, closing argument, and objections.


Who teaches the Academy?


Our lead instructor is Justin Bernstein, the youngest member of the national coaches Hall of Fame.  All our instructors have competed for or coached Top 10 national teams.


Who attends?


High school students.  Junior high students.  Coaches.  State champions.  Brand new teams. Anyone who wants to get better at mock trial.


Does the Academy get results?


Since 2009, we've taught more than a 1,000 students from dozens of schools.  They have gone on to win county, state, and national championships.  We've also helped new teams -- and new coaches -- launch successful programs.  


Email to bring the Academy to your campus.

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