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The third GLADIATOR case was United States v. Osborn.  Was Parker Osborn an innocent suburban mom? Or was she an international spy who had passed sensitive US defense information to the Russians?


The Government called an FBI agent, and the Defense countered with Osborn's daughter.


Gladiators were given actual physical evidence to use during trial, including the coloring book that enclosed the stolen document.


With an overwhelming number of applicants, we selected the top 48. They were the 2017 Gladiators.


They came from 12 states and two countries.  Collectively, they'd won more than 100 mock trial awards.


The tournament started with a beach barbecue for all Gladiators and their coaches and families.  After sunset, we headed to the sand for s'mores by the firepits.

The 2017 Gladiators


Aditi Mahajan (CA)

Alex Poletti (CA)

Alexandra Garver (GA)

Alyce Petit (SC)

Anisha Arcot (OR)

Audrey Miller (CA)

Brett Hungar (VA)

Brook Whitley (GA)

Bryn King (OR)

Colton Conley (CA)

David Bainbridge (NC)

Desiree Nunes (CA)



Makenna Fitzsimmons (TX)

Marie Lundgren (MN)

Paige Allen (PA)

Paul Odu (MO)

Ravi Patel (CA)

Samantha Bader (CA)

Sarosh Sopariwalla (CA)

Shefali Ramakrishna (CA)

Skylar Kool (OR)

Sophie Stevanovich (SC)

Tiffany Tam (CA)

Woojin Lim (Canada

Arun Balaji (CA)

Audrey Shepard (CA)

Caroline Osborn (OH)

Catherine Cole (GA)

Chloe Konson (VA)

David Modrovich (CA)

David Smythe (OR)

Elizabeth Grant (CA)

Jennifer Jones (CA)

Koby Dickerson (NV)

Luke Worsham (TN)

Madison Sullivan (CA)

Dimetrius Hightower (AZ)

Hope Wearing (CA)

Jacob Julian-Kwong (CA)

Jane Onuoha (TX)

Jenny Darlington (CA)

Jeremy Judd (CA)

Maguire Radosevic (MO)

Malakeh Jaber (CA)

Meghna Melkote (PA)

Nathan Gulla (NV)

Rachel Heil (CA)

Thomas Davis (MO)

In the Final, Trinity's Audrey Shepard (CA) defeated Wyoming Seminary's Meghna Melkote (PA).  Both women were juniors.


The other semifinalists were David Bainbridge (NC) and Elizabeth Grant (CA).


Alex Poletti (CA) won the Nobility Award for civility and professionalim.

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