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With an overwhelming number of applicants, we selected the top 40. They were the 2016 Gladiators.


They came from 10 states and two countries.  Collectively, they'd won more than 100 mock trial awards.


The tournament started with a beach barbecue for all Gladiators and their coaches and families.  After sunset, we headed to the sand for s'mores by the firepits.

The second GLADIATOR case was United States v. Jones.  The government alleged that the Defendant, a police detective, coerced a false eyewitness identification that led to the conviction of an innocent man.


The coerced eyewitness tearfully testified for the Government.  The defense called an expert in memory and eyewitness reliability.


Gladiators were given actual physical evidence to use during trial, including a critical piece of jewelry that belonged to victim.

The 2015 Gladiators


Aditya Singh (OH)

Allison Clay (TX)

Alyce Petit (SC)

Anagha Chandramouli (CA)

Andy Parker (CA)

Anna Gumberg (CA)

Audrey Shepard (CA)

Avery Conyngham (PA)

Cameron Lucky (CA)

Carolyn Bousmail (CA)

Casey Byrne (VA)

Chelsea Divins (AZ)

Chloe Konson (VA)



Christina O'Donovan (Ireland)

Cindy Diaz (CA)

Colton Conley (CA)

Daniel Sosa (CA)

David Modrovich (CA)

Desiree Diaz (CA)

Ellie Ford (CA)

Emily Jo Wharry (CA)

Emily Neville (NC)

Eric Sargent (CO)

Henry Hopcraft (CA)

Hope Wearing (CA)

Isaac McCurdy (VA)

Isobel Tweedt (CA)



Jenny Darlington (CA)

Jeremy Judd (CA)

Katherine Milano (AZ)

Lee Fisher (CA)

Marra Edwards (SC)

Mindy Morgan (CA)

Nina Downey (CA)

Samantha Bader (CA)

Sunny Snell (CA)

Tyla Gomez (NC)

Victor Vang (CA)

William Thompson (OH)

Zachary Smith (NV)

In the Final Round, Menlo's Andy Parker defeated Shasta's Sunny Snell.  For college, Andy is headed to Yale and Sunny to Brown.


Tyla Gomez (JH Rose, North Carolina) finished third.


Avery Conyngham (Wyoming Seminary, PA) won the Nobility Award for civility and professionalim.

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