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The inaugural GLADIATOR case was United States v. Powell.  After a string of bank robberies by two masked individuals -- dubbed the "Blue Bandits" by the media -- the government charged Gerry Powell with two counts of armed bank robbery.


An FBI investigator testified for the government.  The defendant took the stand in her/his own defense.


Gladiators were given actual physical evidence to use during trial, including the envelope and mask used during the robbery.


With almost 100 applicants from the United States and around the world, we selected the top 16.  They were the 2015 Gladiators.


They came from seven states and two countries, making this a true 1-on-1 world championship.


The tournament started with a beach barbecue for all Gladiators and their coaches and families.  After sunset, we headed to the sand for s'mores by the firepits.

The 2015 Gladiators


Elizabeth Bays - John Adams
Rachel Cline - Central Carolina
Colton Conley - Menlo
Erika DePalatis - Carmel
Nosakare Fletcher - Capital
Michelle Gil - Elk Grove
Sophia Helfand - Riverside Poly
Megan Jones - Santa Susana



Jeremy Judd - Trinity Pacific Christian
Evan Lovell - Elk Grove
Kennedy Mason - Faith Lutheran
David Munnelly - Centennial
Grant Osborn - Springfield
Andy Parker - Menlo
Evie Smith - Kesteven and Grantham, United Kingdom
Quinton Weinstein - Village Home

In the final trial, Menlo's Andy Parker represented the government.  Santa Susana's Megan Jones represented the defendant.  The final featured 11 scoring judges.


Megan Jones won the championship, and the title of Best in the World. 


Andy Parker won the audience vote, and Nosa Fletcher won the Stand Up award for sportsmanship.



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